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Irene & Kenny at the 81st Oscar Celebrity Gift Room


'Hi Irene - I just wanted you to know what a difference your session made to me.  Knowing that my dad is doing well has been such a blessing.  My friends are saying that I'm smiling again for the first time in months and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.  Thank you so much!'



Thanks again for the reading today. It's so great to know my loved ones are still around me. (I mean I already knew that, but validation is nice) I was telling my friend, Leslie, who you menTioned, that her name came up. I asked her if she knew a Melanie or Melvin since those didn't ring a bell for me. She said that her dad's name is Melvin. And also her husband plays the Spanish guitar music. I was glad to be able to pass that on to her. Thanks again! 


Hi Irene! Thank you so much for your time this past Saturday. Heather and I really enjoyed ourselves and I know we will both be back to chat with you again. I wanted to give you some validation from a few things we were fuzzy on. When I went back and listened to the recording I realized the house you were talking about by "17 across from the river" was the first house my grandma and grandpa lived in. It's where my dad, uncle, and aunt lived when they were little. Heather and I never knew that house, but I believe it was my grandma saying she knew we drove past it after her funeral. Also, there was a reference to 5. I originally thought it was my grandma because she passed on the 5th of September, but then you made reference to "baby's girl". My aunt always called my 2 cousins, me, and my 2 sisters (the 5 of us) her "baby girls".

I attached a few pic for you, too. One is our grandparents, George and Jean Chapple, sitting outside their motel room at the Jersey Shore! One is of my Aunt Debra Chapple Harland at the beach during a period of time that she was relatively healthy. And the last one is of me when I was little with my dog Mack that came through at our reading. I knew exactly what dog you were talking about. He was my protector from the time I got him when I was 2 till the day he died when I was 17.

Thank you again! See you soon!

Much love,




Dear Irene:
A thank you does not seem adequate for the reading I received yesterday in your office. Throughout the reading you mentioned EXACT names and things that only my mother and I would have known!!!
You even brought in other loved ones that passed and with amazing accuracy!! I did speak with my brother and the dogs name that came through was Fluffy!!!! Remember, mom said scruffy, duffy, etc!!! Well, at the time I was way too overwhelmed and couldnt think straight. But, the dog was the mutt my brother and I grew up with named fluffy!!!
And it didnt stop with the reading. You had mentioned a princess with a crown. Well, when I arrived home my three-year old ran up to me and said, Mom!!! I told Amanda she is a princess. Aiden never mentioned that before and Amanda was very close with my mom as you discovered. I instantly knew what he was referring to!!
There were so many other astounding things that came through with my mom. Especially, the Mortons Salt!!! Mom drenched everything with salt. And how fittign she would mention that!!! And the blue wedding dress she wore!!! And to bring my brother, father and biological fathers name COMPLETELY through almost made me faint.
And last night I did sleep like a baby. For once I have complete closure!!!! These last 8-months since losing my mother have been torture. But, just once session with you turned my entire perception upside down. You have an amazing gift and as I said, Teresa Caputa can take her three-year wait list and shove it!!!!! I have a celebrity less than a half an hour away!!!! And I will be visiting you again from time to time (mom would haunt me if I came every month!!!) LOL.
Again!!! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. My brother and I are planning to come visit near my mothers birthday in March. I am sure my dear mother will have lots to say to her precious son.
Until next time, please take care and know that you truly made me a very happy and complete lady yesterday!!!! God Bless you----always!!!!


Hi Irene!

Thank you so much for all of the information you gave me yesterday during our reading. I just wanted to validate some of the things you said about my Uncle Alan. Tomatoes: my uncle Alan and his daughters boyfriend had attempted to grow tomatoes but I guess they didn't exactly have the green thumb for it because they never grew. Shotgun: Al's sister had went to a gun range a few days ago and learned how to shoot a shot gun with her daughter. CARLOS: "If Carlos can do it, anyone can": he was speaking of his favorite music artist Carlos Santana. The funny thing is, my husband googled, "If Carlos can do it, any one can," and Carlos Santana's biography stated that he was dyslexic as a child and although he couldn't read sheet music, he taught himself how to play the violin at 5 years old and then he guitar at 8 years old. My son, Joey (Joseph is my uncle middle name), is learning how to play the violin. My son is also mildly dyslexic. My son and I had a conversation yesterday morning on the way to school about him being teased at the bus stop by some of the other children because he is learning to play to the violin. I told my son, "If you learn to play the violin well, we will get you a bass guitar. When you are able to play the bass guitar we will look into getting you a 5 string guitar.". You also told me to keep Joey in music (or sports) as an out let for his excess energy.
We also spoke about my Joey being able to hear voices and that my friend Carolyn is watching over him. Joey told me this morning that it is Uncle Alan that talks to him and last week a female told him, "Hey Joey, I love you.". You told me Carolyn loves Joey like he was her son.

Thank you so much. You are incredibly gifted and I would love to bring my son to see you. Thank you for validating that he hears spirits so I can do my best to help him understand. When his guidance counselor at school call me and informed me of my son, "hearing voices", I automatically assumed the worst. THANK YOU!

We look forward to meeting with you soon,

Jessica and Joey


Hi Irene,
I remember visiting you at your office in August 2011 when I was at my lowest point in life after a very bad break up a few months earlier. You told me that there would be a man named Daniel that I would meet and he would be surrounded by books and somewhat cocky, yet good hearted and very intelligent. I remember thinking that was such bull and that I had wasted my money. However, one year later in May of 2012, I happened to meet and old friend of mine who's name was Thomas. It wasn't until later on that I realized his name was actually Daniel, not Thomas! We ended up dating and when I entered his room for the first time, there was nothing but books around. To this day, he loves reading books. He is also extremely bright, but yes, a bit cocky from time-to-time. We fell madly in love with one another and now we're engaged to be married next year! I CANNOT BELIEVE how right you were!!!!!!!!! Its so shocking and I've told this story to Dan many times and even he's so surprised. You ROCK!!!


Hello Irene, 
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me last Wednesday. I was such an emotional mess before I talked to you but now, I'm feeling great! Even though something's you said in my reading didn't make sense at the time, I talked to family members and everything was validated.  I've picked out a name for my angel and I'm learning how to forgive myself for the choice I have made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You have such a special gift :)  As my grandmother said to us, I've stopped crying ! [😉]

Ps- I'll be sending you a few referrals! 


Hi Irene,


I really enjoyed our session on Friday. I talked to my Aunt afterwards and found out some other things about Charles from her:


Rolos was his favorite candy;

He used to do metal detecting;

He told her ET's are real years ago; 

His wrist hurt him for months before he died;

He had a neck problem for a while and it hurt to hold his head up; 

On the topic of suicide his sister tried a couple of times over the years.


This is all pretty conclusive to me.  I really feel good about him.  We both want to come back soon. Thanks again. 




Hi Irene:

I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you the other day. I was so happy that Michelle (my twin) came to visit and we could talk with her so early in transition. I look forward to receiving the tape to listen to. I wanted you to know that you were EXACTLY right when you kept mentioning a "dove release" at my sister's memorial. My niece was keeping it a surprise for me. That's why you kept feeling that. I nearly fell over when I got back and shared that with the girls. I will be back to see you again. I'm also interested in some of the other services you offer. With losing a twin it's probably a good idea to have a spiritual adviser to help me in my new journey. It was a pleasure and I can't wait to chat again. =)

Best Wishes,


Hi Irene, I want to thank you for my phone reading the other day. Though I couldn't see you and have never met you { but certainly want to in the future } I felt SO comfortable talking to you that I was able to pour my heart out as if you were my lifelong friend. You described people in my life " to the tea " , people you have never seen. That was so amazing that I was speechless. I KNOW you are very gifted and you are helping so many people in many ways. Without question I will be talking to you again. Thank you for providing such a magnificient service. God bless you!
Hi Irene,
I enjoyed meeting you so much and very glad I came for a reading. After leaving, I made sure to blast my car radio loud to "rock out" like I used to and felt like it made my spirit guide happy. =) I'll definitely be back in the near future to talk about some things we didn't touch on yet like career and some other things. I watched a youtube interview on Michael Newton and so glad you told me about his book. I'll be reading it soon for sure (along with the others you suggested). I really appreciate the recording of the session you sent to dropbox. It's so great to have it as a reference (even if I do have to hear how annoying my laugh is!)
Thanks so much and will be seeing you again!
Warmest regards,

Dear Irene,

I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and have you do a reading for me. The information you got from my Mom was astonishing. I am also thrilled to finally know who one of my Spirit Guides is.

I was very blessed that Chris pointed me towards you. He said you were good...hell, I think you are excellent !!!

Thanx for sharing your energy with me and I hope we meet up again soon.
Angelic blessings, Linda



Thank you for spending time with us yesterday.. We will be returning for another reading with Chris’ girlfriend and daughter, Chasity and for Ron to discuss his career. I just ordered 6 books by Neale Walsch. The recording of the reading will remain a treasured item for years to come and will bring us comfort every time we listen to it. Angie


Hi there!
This is Janet.  Thank you for today's.  I will definitely schedule again, great insight, but I will definitely be more prepared.

You recommended three books but did not give me that paper with that info.  You gave me two pieces of paper but not the one with book info.  Could you forward those titles to me?

It was great to meet you. You were extremely helpful, giving clarity to some "issues".  Quite impressive!



Hi Irene! 

I had an appointment with you this past Tuesday and I wanted to thank you again for meeting with me.  Getting to talk to my cousin Robbie made me feel so great.  I talked to him all the time and its so wonderful to know that he hears me. I told my Aunt and Uncle (his mom &dad) about our meeting and my Uncle is really interesting in coming to see you.  Im sending some other friends your way!  I messed up with an answer I gave you. You asked if Robbie was 23 and I said no he was my age 29. Well he was 23 when he passed! You are absolutely amazing!  Ive been on cloud 9 since you said you see me married to Larry 3 years from now ha ha! You will definitely be seeing me in a few months. Im thinking May 5th my birthday!   I can't wait!  Thank you again :) Jamie


Hi, Irene --

I just wanted to thank you again for the reading that you gave me today.  It exceeded all my expectations and touched me down to my very soul.  It meant the world to me to hear from John and to know that he's always with me.  I'll be thinking back on it for a long, long time.  I believe that you truly have a gift from God, and we're so fortunate that you've chosen to share it with us.  I'm also forwarding you the picture of the rainbow I saw in Malibu, when I went out to Paradise Cove to say goodbye to John.  It was extraordinary, and I know now that it really was meant for me.  God bless you, Irene.  You'll be hearing from me again in the future.





How many "Thank You"s can I type without overdoing it? I have had a hole since my grandfather's passing & more so since my dog, Keba, and best friend. Your gift relieved so much sadness building in me greater over the last several weeks. I didn't cry myself to sleep last night . . . I went to bed and stayed asleep.

 My grandfather, Frank Clemens a.k.a. Pop-Pop, was/is the most important man in my life for reasons he well knows. My best friend, a sister to me, Moe Anderson, is a friend everyone should be able to have. For you to help bring their words to my ears was the greatest joy from one side to the other. I appreciate your gift more than you will ever know. I don't discount my father's words and grateful to have finally received an "I'm sorry". Without you, I would not have had this. You have a special place in my heart that will never be forgotten.




Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday.

Before my husband passed he said that if there was any way to contact me he would do that.
So I ended up finding you with Google and was able to know that he is alive in spirit and happy in the place he is in.

Before I came to see you I asked Keith to give me information that was not in my mind, but something that I would recognize. He did just that. You gave me 4 pieces of specific information that fit that bill. It was his way of comunicating and finishing what he promised! Still the same Keith. I love him so much. And although I miss him terribly, I now have a sense of peace about everything.  It has re-confirmed my thoughts on spirituality and why we are all here.

Thank you again.

I will be setting up an appt for you to meet with my kids in the near future!! I talked to them about it and they are excited (and curious) to meet you.   Lisa


Irene - 
I have to tell you some things! Both my sisters got married and we had such a great time! Here is the news! First, the letter you wrote to them from my step dad which you said wasn't in your handwriting and I said looked like his handwriting... it was confirmed by my sisters and mom that it WAS his handwriting!! What a gift to them - I can not even begin to tell you!
Also, my sister is having a boy - like you said. Our basement did have some water damage - like you said and this has insipired us to fix the problem and move ASAP like you said!! My mom had a mini nervous breakdown - like you said would happen. SO MUCH of what you told us has happened and while not all has been the best news it has been what we needed to hear which seems to be the lesson I keep getting - you get what you need and that isn't always what you want. Thank you so much - meeting you has been such a gift and blessing. All my best to you and your family!! I'll be seeing you again I am sure!! Jeannine



 I'm still amazed about my reading! Everything you told me was true. I remember you asked me about back pain and I told you I had no back pain,but today while driving back from SC I had back pain that I forgot about. Lately when I have been driving a long distance my back hurts on the left side and this has been going on for a few months. You are awesome and I can't wait to see you again! Thank you so very much for my reading!  Angela



Everyday I wake up without my back pain is a reminder to send you this note. I want to THANK YOU. Thank you for helping me that morning. I was in terrible pain at the beginning of the meeting; with your incredible healing powers by the end, the pain was gone. What amaze me the most is that you where to localize the source of the pain. I had never mentioned to anybody in the group about my herniated disc; you found it immediately. Thank you again, Ricardo


Search no more psychic enthusiasts! Irene Richardson is the real deal.
Within minutes of meeting me she revealed very personal things that
occured in my past and aspects of my personality that only people
close to me would know.

Furthermore she validated two important pieces
of information a well known astrologer told me that no one other than
my parents knew about and they live far away in TN!

She is warm but blunt...kind but honest and above all accurate. I was especially
impressed when I told her I would come back for sure and she said not
to come back for at least 3 months. She obviously cares and is not
interested in just making money. I left the shop with a warm hug and a
new friend. Thanks Irene!  Supriya


Hi, Irene. I hope you are doing well.   Since I met you, I feel like I can see things that I could not before, and being more active and taking care of myself better way. Some messages you told me made me so emotional, some made me upset and sad, but it was all I needed to hear. So, thank you so much for that.

I told my friend about you, and she was so intrigued and impressed with what you were able to see and you were so on point about everything. She is hoping she can meet you, too.   She is a great friend of mine.

Hope you have a wonderful day.  Mariko


I experienced the ionic detoxification for the first time with Irene and it
was amazing how good I felt after only 30 minutes. It was very relaxing and
yet it gave me a lot of energy! feet were incredibly soft
afterwards! I'm looking forward to pampering myself every month!  Kathy


Thank you so much for yesterday. My knees feel sooooo much better, I think I should probably try another treatment or two with you though in the weeks to come.  Scott

Thanks so much for the ionic cleanse footbath.  That night after the treatment I slept like a baby.  I have not slept that good in years! I also had a ton of energy to play raquet ball.  My feet feel so soft and I am so relaxed after your footbath treatment.  Jim


Thanx for the reading! I definately walked away today with answers & guidance i needed. I already told 3 ppl about you. will be passing out cards. cya soon. Diane



Thank you so much for coming over on Sunday. Everyone had a pleasant time.   Shortly after you left, Joseph got on the computer and enrolled in a drawing class at the Deleplane Arts Center. The class begins April 14 and is for 8 weeks. He also purchased a book about writing, one that his high school teacher recommended. He said that the only way he can work through the fact that I had cancer was to write it down to get it out of his system.  He seems to respect your advice. If possible, I'd like for you to meet with him on a monthly basis. Thanks! Peggy


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