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Psychic Readings FAQ

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How are the readings done?

All readings are done in 30 minute sessions or an Hour.  Sometimes more!

Readings can be done in our Office located at 38 S. Market St. Suite 3, Frederick, MD 21701., on the phone or via Skype.

Clients that wish to have direct insight to certain situations may come with a list of questions they need insight to for Irene to tune into. (Love, Career, Moves, Real Estate) Whatever it is you need to know. 

If you have no questions right away, after Irene calls in Spirit, she will give you what insight Spirit has for you, she will then give you a palm reading, a body scan for any possible medical issues, She will give you any totem animals that you are working with.  She can also be shown past lives and she will also tell you about any family members that are around you in Spirit.  One person can combine a 15 min. Mediumship session and 15min Psychic Session for their appointment however you will not be able to have everything in a 15 min Psychic Session.  

Do not bring someone with you that is negative or a non believer.  Their energy will affect your reading especially if they are a staunch Non-Believer.  Your reading is for you and it's important that you get the insight that you are seeking.  If  you need someone to drive you.... Please ask them to wait outside while your reading is being done.

During Mediumship Sessions you can ask for up to 3 family members in a 30 minute session or more for an hour session, or you can combine a Psychic session and a Mediumship Session in an Hour appointment.   Other family members can sit in on a Mediumship Session.  However they will not be read, they are there merely to hear about the loved one on the otherside.  If they wish to receive insight also during the Mediumship session, then please allow 30 mins for each person sitting in on the session. 

Mediumship Sessions you can have more than one person sitting in to contact a loved one.  Psychic Sessions - 30 mins, are for one person only.   You can have a friend sit in with you, but they will not be read unless they are scheduled for their own appointment.

Online readings can be done via Facebook Video, Facetime or Skype. If you have a video cam it's a wonderful way to get your reading done with Irene.  Please do not have more than one person on webcam as the energies get confusing.  Families that need translators must translate all dialog during  a session as it makes Irene's job very difficult. 

Phone readings have to be scheduled at a date and time that is convenient for both you and Irene.

Can I record my reading?

No you cannot, however Irene can record it and will send it to you via Dropbox.  You must have a dropbox account to access your file.  This is a free service and is not included in the fee of your session.  Sometimes readings may not record because Spirit doesn't want anyone to rehear certain information.  You can sign up for Dropbox here.

Can you do readings for the Deaf Community?

I can and have done readings for the Deaf Community, the people that have come can read lips so I make a point to speak slowly.  Sometimes we have to resort to writing on paper and I can fingerspell.  Not very fast though I must admit. :) .  For those of you who cannot read lips I can record the session and send it to you and you can have a hearing/signing person transcribe it for you. 

Will my reading be kept confidential? 

All of our clients identities and information given during a reading is kept completely confidential.  Your reading is your business, no one else's.  

Are you available for Birthday Parties or Bachelor and Bachlorette Parties? 

At this time No,  Irene is so busy at the shop any free time she has she likes to have for herself and her family. 

What will happen after I purchase my reading?

Online Readings: After payment, you will be contacted via email to make arrangements with Irene for your online reading. A date and time will be decided that is both convenient for you and Irene. She will ask you which messenger service you would like to use along with your screen name.

Telephone Readings: Again after Irene receives payment, you will be contacted via email or phone to make arrangements with Irene for your phone reading.

Irene will request your phone number so that she can call you along with a date and time that is convenient for the both of you. Along with your full name and date of birth.

How often should I get read?

Normally Irene will tell her clients to come back when they are inspired to see her... Until she got a client that returned 3x with the very same questions.  Irene cannot tell you what to do with the information spirit gives you, but if you are not even willing to listen to what spirit suggests for you then why bother going back with the same questions over and over?   This tells Irene that  the client is not seriously interested in improving their life and doing the work that is necessary to achieve the results they are looking for.  It can appear that they just want to vent and find out why everything isn't working for them yet again.  Irene can revisit previous questions for you, however if she feels that you aren't doing what is necessary for your highest good, She will refer you to another reader for a fresher perspective on your situation.  Please give Spirit time to work with you on what you are trying to achieve.  If you insist on getting read every 2-3 months please have different topics that you want to discuss.

Are Psychics 100% accurate?

I have yet to meet a Psychic that is 100% accurate.  The future is never written in stone.  It all depends on the choices we make in life.  Psychics, Mediums and Readers are here to help guide people towards a "possible future".  Never towards "the future".  You are given insight to a situation and there is a thing called free will.  Whether you do what is suggested, or other people come into the situation to possibly change what is shown depends on where you are and who you surround yourself with.  Never ever think the Psychic is 100% correct.  They too are human beings who can and do make mistakes. 

Are you as good as your testimonials say you are? 

The testimonials are straight from my clients emails to me.  I do not revise them.  I've been doing readings for over 30 years and have been talking to the departed for over 20 years. I have supported myself in a shop in downtown Frederick just doing readings.  I think if I didn't know what I was doing I would have closed the doors by now.   If you are still questioning whether or not I am the right reader for you, then please do not schedule an appointment.  There's no sense in you wasting your money if you are not feeling sure about seeing me.

I charge only $60.00 a half hour because that is what I would be willing to pay for a reading.  I am the cheapest in the area as of right now.  Am I worth more?  Yes... but I understand the economy and I understand that it's a big deal for people to spend that much money on a reading.  I am worth it and if you honor yourself and need insight so are you.


Irene is a professional reader and takes the work that she does seriously.  You must understand that Psychic and Mediumship readings are for entertainment purposes only.  By Scheduling a reading with Irene you understand that any information given to you the client is strictly for entertainment purposes only.  Any health issues that may come up during your reading needs to be addressed by your family physician.

Please do not call or text Irene for a freebee question... This is how Irene makes her living.  Save your questions for the next time you wish to see her.  It's a professional courtesy.