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Mediumship FAQ

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Mediumship Readings FAQ

How does Irene call in people on the other side?

Irene brings in your loved ones in Spirit by calling them in by name.  She doesn't need any photos, or anything that belongs to them.  You may bring those things to share with Irene after the session if you wish.  It's always cool to see if your loved one matches their photo from what she sees. 

She will know right away if your loved one is there after calling them in.  They usually show what they look like and they will even let her feel how they passed away.  Do not tell her anything.  Just answer yes or no after she asks you a question.

Shouldn't Irene just be able to know who I want to talk to?

Sure she can, but why waste all of that time?  Example:  I can feel a loved one with you..... it's a male... it's on your mother's side... it's your mothers, Dad... wait... his father.... your grandfather....

Irene asks for John Smith to come through on behalf of Melissa Smith.  He shows Irene what he looks like, Irene tells you, He makes Irene feel how he passed, Irene tells you... He shows things that are happening around you... Irene tells you. 

Irene has never had a human teacher.  Spirit taught her to read by simply tuning into the frequency of a name.  She doesn't believe in wasting anyone's time nor does she like wasting her time.  Very rarely does a Spirit insist on being heard.  In 18 years she can count only five times that has actually happened.

How long should I wait to talk to a loved one after they have passed?

Irene recommends waiting 6 months after a loved one passes.  There is a lot that your loved ones have to do once they are back in Spirit.  It's only fair to give them some space after they've passed.  It takes a lot of energy on their part to come through and be there for you.  If you insist on coming in sooner, just know that because your loved one is new in Spirit, they may not come through as strong as you would like.  Irene does her very best to help all of you,

How many people can you ask for during your session?

During Mediumship Sessions you can ask for up to 3 family members in a 30 minute session or more for an hour session, or you can combine a Psychic session and a Mediumship Session in an Hour appointment.   Other family members can sit in on a Mediumship Session.  However they will not be read, they are there merely to hear about the loved one on the otherside.  If they wish to receive insight also during the Mediumship session, then please allow 30 mins for each person sitting in on the session.  Remember each 30min. session with a client is $50.00.  

Mediumship Sessions you can have up to 4 people in a  sitting to contact a loved one. This is about the loved one in Spirit.   Psychic Sessions - 30 mins, are for one person only.   You can have a friend sit in with you, but they will not be read unless they are scheduled for their own appointment.

What can I expect during a Mediumship Session?

You can expect to have your loved one tell you many random things.  So please come with questions for your family member.  When you ask what is their favorite color, their nick name, a middle name or anything that's incredibly specific that puts too much pressure on Irene.  She wants to do well for you during your reading and would rather you let those things happen naturally.  Irene has and does get names, but they come through during the reading without focusing on things.  Instead ask those questions and keep them to yourself.  If they are revealed during your session then you know your loved one hears you :)  You can ask about other people, pets, yourself and yes pets do come through during a reading, along with who came to get your loved one when they passed over.   
How should I view a Mediumship Session?

It's simply making a phone call to your loved one in Spirit.  Irene is AT&T and you are the caller.  Most times during the reading Irene will not even look at you.  She either looks away or closes her eyes so that Spirit can come through to her.  She will only ask questions of you that require mostly yes and no answers.   She gets very specific during the reading.  By going deeper and deeper she can get many things from your loved ones.  

Who can come with me to a Mediumship Session?

To have a successful session the only people that should be there are people that genuinely loved and cared for the loved one we are bringing in.  Irene has seen way too many times a person brings a friend that their husband did not like and the person in Spirit holds back because they despised the friend.  Friends will insist on coming, or loved ones will insist on coming to ease their own guilt with your loved one in Spirit.  If that is the case then let them have their own session with the loved one.  After all this is your experience and your hard earned money. 

How does Irene get information from my loved one in Spirit?

Irene receives information by seeing it in her mind's eye like a movie being played, she also receives flashes of pictures, she will hear words, sentences, she can feel emotions coming from your loved one and feels them physically throughout her body.  There are times where she will even be given a scent of something.  There are no rules when it comes to Spirit.  Irene was even physically hit by a pet monkey in Spirit, the client thought it was quite funny.  The client did not reveal what it was till Irene insisted as she knew it was not human. 

Can children come to a Mediumship session? 

It can be very healing for children to come to a session, the only thing is they must be ok with coming.  They must say, "Yes I want to come and talk to Daddy."  Never convince them to come if they are not ready yet. 

One of Irene's longest clients was read when she was only 14 years old.  Her father passed away and her mother brought her to Irene.  Since then that young girl is now in her late 20's has her own daughter that her father predicted in Spirit and Irene has read all four generations of women in the family including her baby who she brought in at only a month old for her first palm reading.   Amazing things can and do happen. 

What can loved one's in Spirit reveal?

Your loved ones can see everything.  So any questions you may have about your life, your family, your career you can ask them.  They are with you when you least expect it.  Even when you think they aren't. 

Irene loves her job.  She loves helping families reunite with their loved ones.  Enjoy your experience with Irene and trust that what is meant to be revealed to you will be.  May you and yours be blessed while you go through this trying time without your loved ones and know that they are simply a phone call away.