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Landon House 3401 Urbana Pike Urbana, Maryland


I had the privilege of going to this amazingly haunted home on May 2, 2012.  I assisted in the investigation with the Todd Hoffman's Charm City Paranormal Society and Elizabeth Kline.  Driving up to this home, I snapped the above picture at 7:15pm.  The investigation was to begin about 7:30.

Elizabeth walked me through the home so that I could get my initial impressions.  I picked up the energy of Thomas, Mary, Billy, Tommy, Emily, Anna or Annabelle and more names I have forgotten but will update after listening to the audio file.


I felt there was a hospital there once for civil war soldiers, I also felt there was a religious school there.  I was also told that Thomas assisted runaway slaves and hid them in the basement.  That information was confirmed by Elizabeth.    I was also told there was a chapel there, sure enough a smokehouse on the property had been converted to a very small chapel.  There was a painting of Mary up on the high wall, and the rafters were painted with fancy scroll work. 


The entire night was short of amazing, we heard children singing and playing with toys, The spirits were very active.  One of the investigators - George had placed a top hat on his head briefly and the spirits in the house decided they would mess around with him for a bit.  Photos were documented by Cindy. 




Gabriel's Inn, 4730 Ijamsville Rd., Ijamsville, MD


I had the opportunity to visit this home about two years ago via a meetup with Carol LaRivere.  She was giving the last tour of this house as it was being sold to a private family.


While touring this residence, I saw a Doctor and three girls.  Carol confirmed what I saw and the names that were given and that this home once was an insane asylum.  Although I really didn't pick up any insane spirits.  I felt we were dealing with Manic Depression and Epilepsy.  I also saw soldiers and horses on the grounds outside of this home.  It was a very cool experience.

I hope they eventually allow more people to come through this home as it's a very valuable piece of history. 


Landon House.