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Detox FAQ

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Detox foot baths are a great way to cleanse your body of the toxins that build up along time due to stress, what you ingest or due to any sort of disorder within the body. 

How long does a session last?

The actual foot bath lasts 30 minutes.  The time from start to finish averages 45 mins. 

The color of the water determines what toxins you are dumping. 

If you dump so many toxins that the water is murky and we cannot see your feet in the bath, you will be required to drink a mineral drink after treatment to supplement and replace the minerals you may have dumped during the foot bath.  We like Emergen-C.  It's great for you, it tastes great and you really feel your energy uplifted if you take it on a regular basis.

What happens during a foot bath?

The basin is covered with a disposable trash bag.  Warm water will be filled into the basin, you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and place your feet into the basin.  The array is then placed into the water and a pinch of sea salt. the unit will be turned on a mild setting so that we can see how you will initially react to the treatment.  If you respond favorably, we can then up your treatment the next time you come.  At the end of the treatment we go over what type of toxins you dumped and how your feel after treatment. 

Is the equipment sterilized between treatments?

Every foot bath is done using  thick trash bags, keeping the basin sterile.  The array is cleansed after every use, using Barbicide, a hospital grade sanitzer.  Barbicide is known to also kill the aids virus.

Do you use the Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath?

Absolutely, I have a great testimony to give!

I went through a period of four years where every step I took was pure agony due to a condition known as plantars fasciitis.  That is where the tendons that go from your toes to the base of your heal tighten up and can tear every time you get out of bed, out of a chair.  I had tried many methods to heal my feet nothing worked until I tried the Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath.  After Four months of weekly treatments and 3 dual treatments in one week I was finally pain free.

I could hardly believe how great my feet felt.  It was a miracle and I know it's because of the foot detox treatments.  I can tell when my feet need a treatment as I can feel blockages developing in my feet. 

Are there certain people that cannot do the Ionic Cleanse Foot Bath?

Yes! There are health disorders and concerns that prohibit certain people from taking a foot bath treatment.  The following list is to protect the people with the following health issues/disorders.

People with a pacemaker or any other battery operated electrical device.
Organ transplant recipients
People with Epilepsy
Pregnant or nursing women.
People being treated for High Blood Pressure or irregular heart beats.
People being treated with meds for emotional disorders.
Children under 8 years of age.

Anyone with any of these disorders must get a permission slip from their family doctor stating that they can participate in the ionic cleanse foot bath.  We will not treat clients with these disorders.  A disclaimer must be signed prior to foot bath treatment stating that you do not have any of the above disorders.

Please print out and fill out the disclaimer form prior to coming to your appointment.  An ionic cleanse foot bath is $40.00 a treatment.