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The Earth Chakras


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The Earth Chakras

The five lower chakras, from the root to the throat, are nourished primarily by the Earth. Imagine a tree whose roots go deep into the ground. The nutrients it draws from the Earth are carried up the trunk to the highest branches. The sunlight it absorbs through the leaves is turned into energy that in turn is transferred all the way to the roots. The four upper chakras are fed primarily by the energies of the Sun, our star. The sky-god religions emphasize the development of the upper chakras to the neglect of the lower. The sky-god civilizations perfected technology, reason, and logic. The Earth-goddess religions emphasize the lower chakras to the neglect of the upper ones. These civilizations remained agrarian cultures with little interest in Western-style progress while achieving advancement in astronomy, philosophy, and architecture (the Chinese discovered gunpowder but used it only for fireworks; it took the Europeans to use it for warfare). I believe that today we must develop the gifts of both the Earth chakras and the sky chakras.

Like the organs in the body, each chakra performs a unique function. The first and second chakras digest emotional energies, churning them over to draw out nutrients.


When the first chakra is disconnected from the Earth, the lower centers are unable to expel emotional wastes. There is no exit channel. These wastes turn into toxic sludge that adheres to the walls of a chakra and slows its spinning. When sludge builds in our second chakra (where the fight-or-flight response resides) we interpret the world as hostile and aggressive. The solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras (third, fourth, and fifth) are nurtured by the finer energies of love, compassion, and empathy. They are not equipped to digest emotions of any kind. (We get in trouble when we try to digest heavy emotions and feelings with our heart chakra –we get emotional heartburn.) The sky chakras are fed by the subtlest spiritual energy.



The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, between the anus and the genitals. It is the gateway to the feminine, extending luminous filaments down our legs into the biosphere. Like a taproot reaching into the moist, rich places in Mother Earth, the first chakra supplies us with essential nutrients.

When we become disconnected from the Earth, we begin to get our life nourishment from the surface. As a result, we become like a tree whose shallow, widespread roots cannot keep it from toppling during a storm. We lose our stability, our foundation, and our security.

When the first chakra is disconnected from the feminine Earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates, and we look for security from material things. Individuality prevails over relationship, and selfish drives triumph over family, social and global responsibility. The more separated we become from the Earth, the more hostile we become to the feminine.

First-chakra drives are primary and instinctual. We seek shelter. We forage for food. We strive to survive even under the most adverse situations. We procreate. These urges are fundamental instincts.

The four instinctual drives – fear, feeding, fighting, and sex- are mirrored in the agendas of the lower two chakras.

An individual operating out of the first chakra is in a state of primary fusion with the world. He is absorbed by the senses and engages the material world exclusively. He believes that the world owes him something and that those around him should recognize that he is special. He becomes self-centered and narcissistic.

There are remarkable positive attributes of the first chakra. Its survival instincts ensure the continuation of the species: They drive us to mate and bear children, and allow humans to persevere under the most adverse of conditions.



The second chakra is located four fingers below the belly button. It is linked to the kidneys and to the element water.

The second chakra metabolizes energy nutrients in the Luminous Energy Field. All forms of energy represent food to this chakra. It processes the Earth energy taken in through the first chakra and digests emotional energies in the nervous system. When this chakra is functioning properly, it can shed negative emotions such as anger and fear and expel them through the first chakra as waste.

Chronologically, this chakra corresponds to the ages between eight and fourteen. Adolescent longing for romantic adventure originates with the surge of activity in the second chakra. The chakra is erotic, full of lust and fantasy, propelling high-adrenaline romance. 


The negative expressions of the second chakra are anger and fear.

Dysfunction in this chakra can lead one to confuse sex with love. The great task of the second chakra is to transform sex into love, romance into intimacy. This is no easy task, as the negative drives of this chakra are a need to control others through money, power, and sex.



The third chakra is located at the solar plexus and is associated with the pancreas. This gland is the energy banker of the body.

The third chakra is the power center in the luminous energy system. Its power can be used constructively, to manifest our aspirations in the world. When used destructively, it can repress our primary nature or libido.

The feminine power of the first chakra and the primordial sexual energy of the second chakra are transformed into a fine fuel that the third chakra employs for the fulfillment of our dreams. This chakra replenishes the reserves in the Luminous Energy Field. When we awaken the power of this chakra, we experience fearlessness and a resolve that cannot be deterred by adversity.


Obstacles in our path crumble.

The function of the third chakra is to translate vision into reality

The fire element that rules it provides the fuel to manifest dreams.

The key word for this chakra is service.



The heart chakra is located at the cardiac plexus, in the center of the chest.

Freedom, joyfulness, and an abiding peace become the hallmarks of a person who dwells in his heart center.  It is the center from which we form our families and discover love with our soul partners and our children.

The love of the heart chakra is neither the affection that we exchange with each other nor the romantic love we “fall” into. The heart chakra thrives on the love of Creation. This kind of love is not object-focused, nor is it dependent on another for its existence. It is not sentimental. It is impersonal. Christian theologians call it agape. The Inka call it munay. This kind of love is not a means to an end. It does not lead to marriage or relationships. It is an end in itself. 

One of the negative expressions of this chakra is an infatuation with the self. A balanced heart chakra allows us to commit to intimacy in love. It integrates the masculine and feminine principles within us, and we no longer seek our “missing half” outside ourselves.



The fifth chakra is located at the hollow of the throat and influences the thyroid gland, the temperature regulator in the body.

The fifth chakra is our psychic center, responsible for clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the ability to communicate without words. A dysfunctional fifth chakra can result in unwanted psychic experiences. Sleep disorders are common when this chakra is out of balance. When the fifth chakra is clear, we begin to achieve recognition in our fields of endeavor and acquire mastery in our chosen profession. The fifth chakra gives us the ability to envision possible futures and to act on our vision. You imagine who you can become and feel the freedom of infinite possibilities. The fifth chakra allows us to look within, to become aware of our inner processes.


The fifth chakra gives voice to the feelings of the heart.

A negative expression of this chakra is the intoxication with your own knowledge. These people do not listen to others in a conversation. Being right is more important than being understanding. The danger of the fifth chakra is its tendency to turn spiritual insight into dogma. Alberto Villoldo