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The Chakras


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The Anatomy of the Soul

The Luminous Energy Field contains an archive of all of our personal and ancestral memories, of all early-life trauma, and even of painful wounds from former lifetimes. These records or imprints are stored in full color and intensity of emotion. Imprints are like dormant computer programs that when activated compel us toward behaviors, relationships, accidents, and illnesses that parody the initial wounding. Our personal history indeed repeats itself. Imprints of physical trauma are stored in the outermost layer of the Luminous Energy Field. Emotional imprints are stored in the second layer, soul imprints in the third, and spiritual imprints in the fourth and deepest layer. Imprints in the Luminous Energy Field predispose us to follow certain pathways in life. They orchestrate the incidents, experiences, and people we attract to ourselves. Imprints propel us to re-create painful dramas and heartbreaking encounters, yet ultimately guide us toward situations wherein we can heal our ancient soul wounds.


The Luminous Energy Field contains a template of how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we might die. When there is no imprint for disease in the Luminous Energy Field, recovery from an illness happens at tremendous speed. By the same token, imprints for diseases can depress the immune system, and it can take an extremely long time for us to regain our health during an illness. None of us wants to spend months convalescing when we could have recovered in a matter of days or weeks. When we erase the negative imprint that caused the onset of illness, the immune system can rapidly eradicate the disease.

In the outermost layer of the Luminous Energy Field is the membrane or “skin” of the luminous body. This membrane serves as a defensive cocoon in the same way the skin is the protective membrane of the body. The imprints of physical trauma and disease are etched onto this membrane like designs cut into glass.



Imprints are formed when the negative emotions that accompany trauma are not healed.  Imprints in the Luminous Energy Field can arrange strange and apparently unrelated events in the outside world. They can orchestrate our meeting love partners who all have the same toxic personality traits. They can strand us in the oddest places to come upon someone we are destined to meet; they can program us to be in the vehicle hit by oncoming traffic or in the one that just missed the accident.


The healer is interested in draining the toxic emotional energy around an imprint and then erasing the imprint itself. The first stages of the Healing the Light Body training consists of a deep clearing or “scouring” of our Luminous Energy Field. The student no longer identifies with her personal history. Thus the Navajo medicine woman is able to say, “the mountain am I, the rivers am I” Healers may have suffered loss, hunger, pain, and abuse, but they understand that above all they are travelers on a great journey through infinity.

This is the goal of healing through the Illumination Process. I am not very interested in working within my client’s stories, the way the psychotherapist is. I am interested in assisting clients to realize that they are not their stories, not actors in a script written by their mother or father or by the culture or time they happen to be living in, but storytellers. To do this I have to access the underlying imprint in the Luminous Energy Field.



Regardless of where they were born, everyone has a skeleton with the exact same number of bones. In the same way, we all share the same luminous anatomy, which includes the chakras and the acupuncture meridians. The chakras are swirling disks of energy. The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. They spin three to four inches outside the body and link to our spine and central nervous system. The chakras are a direct pipeline to the human neural network. They rotate clockwise, in the same direction that the spiral arms of the galaxy revolve. Each chakra has a unique frequency that we perceive is one of the seven colors of the rainbow. The chakras in a newborn child display their pure color, from red in the first chakra to violet in the seventh. As we grow older the color in our chakras becomes dull. The trauma and loss in our lives leave their toxic residues behind. The sludge that adheres to a chakra does not permit it to vibrate at its pure frequency, and physical aging is accelerated. When a shaman completes her healing process her chakras become clear. They spin freely and vibrate with their original purity again. 


The Amazon shamans believe that when you clear all your chakras you acquire a “rainbow body.” Each center vibrates at its natural frequency, and you radiate the seven colors of the rainbow. According to legend, when you acquire the rainbow body you can make the journey beyond death to the Spirit world. You are able to assist others in their healing, and you can die consciously since you already know the way back home. The jungle shamans believe death is a great predator that stalks each and every one of us. They say that many illnesses are caused by the death that festers within us. These medicine people believe that death (or lifelessness, as I prefer to think of it) claims us little by little, until one day we realize that we are more dead than alive. I’ve seen it happen to many persons, and I believe this condition is rampant in America today. When your chakras are clear you are no longer stalked by death. You are claimed by life, and therefore you can never by claimed again by death. The flag of the Inka nation is the rainbow, which holds a very special place in their mythology. You can see it flying over the rooftops of Cusco even today.

The Chakras - Anatomy of the Soul,