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What can I expect from Irene during my reading?
Irene is a very compassionate and caring reader.  She will only reveal to you what is shared with her by Spirit.  She will never give what is not given by Spirit.   She is very honest and wants you to have a genuine and fun experience with her during your reading.
How many years experience does Irene have giving readings?

Irene has been giving readings for over 25 years.  She has worked professionally via Psychic Shows, Holistic Fairs, the internet  and telephone since 1996.   Irene,  has moved to a new shop and can now do local in person readings right here in Frederick, Maryland. 
What can happen during a reading?

Anything can and does happen during a reading. An unexpected loved one has been known to show up during a reading.  Unknown future loves have been shown during a reading.  Careers, moves, future children, truly anything can be revealed during a reading.   Insight to a clients life and path are revealed and their inner most desires. 

Clients have been known to feel an intense inner peace after their reading. Readings are an exciting way to gain insight to current situations and to help you get back on the path so to speak.


What will happen during a general reading?

Prior to your reading, Irene will do a meditation with you in mind, she will cleanse the area that she is reading in  perform a prayer of protection and bless the reading for you to receive information from her guides for your highest good.  Irene does not use Tarot cards.  Tarot are a great visual for you the client, however they are not needed to do "Readings".  Your reading will begin by Irene focusing on one specific question that you may have and would like to focus on.  Once the focus of energy is tuned in, many other things can and will come through during your reading. 

Irene is here to genuinely help you, she is not into just pulling stuff out of the air.  That is not fun to her.  She is not here to prove that psychic ability is real.  She has done enough readings in the last 25 years to know better.  Her greatest passion is helping you focus on a situation and giving you the insight that you may not have seen or thought of on your own.  Along with contacting the dead there is no better calling in her opinion.  She has worked very hard in developing her abilities and appreciates when a client calls who is sincere in what they want and need from her.

Contacting a loved one, simply involves you giving Irene your loved one's full birth name, married name and birthdate.  Irene prefers not to receive any information prior to meeting with you.  You may bring an item in that belonged to that person, or a photo to assist Irene to tune in clearer. 


Finding lost objects and missing people.

Irene has the ability to do remote viewing.  She can tune into an object and help you locate where it could be.  She also has experience in locating missing persons, from her days of working online doing missing person cases. 


Medical Intuitive Scans

Irene has the ability to perform body scans on her clients and has been known to perform successful healings on her clients with their permission.  Irene believes that she is there to give insight to her clients health.  If she believes she has found something serious on a client she will advise the client to visit their physician.  Irene has personally healed and cured her own hyper thyroid issue and foot issues.  Irene is a full believer in healer - heal thyself.  Being a vessel for Spirit to work through is a very humbling experience.   


Animal Totems

Animal totems are animal guides that are with you for a certain period of time.  They can be shown as just leaving, Ones you are working with or ones that are just showing up.  They all serve a purpose in helping you deal with certain things in life.  Irene actually can see these animals around you. 


Spirit Guides 

 Irene doesn't normally see Spirit Guides, when asked she can ask her guides and they will tell her the name of your guide. 


Past Lives

Irene will actually see an overlay over your face and possibly even your body of who you were before.  Depending on the client it may or may not show.  She is currently studying Hypnotherapy so soon she will be able to offer regression sessions to her clients so they know who they were before. 


Complications during a reading

There are times when a loved one will not want to be contacted, please understand that a reading will reveal what is meant for your highest good at the time of the reading.  Loved ones on the other side can come through like gang busters or can just sit there and not say a word.  It all depends on the questions asked and the want and need of the client and the spirit/s they are trying to contact.  When the loved one is cooperative it can be an incredible experience for both Irene and the person being read. 

Irene has had sessions where grown men have been touched so deeply they will weep.  It's a very humbling experience!   Irene has also had sessions with the departed where it literally feels like a family reunion, except it's you, Irene and all of your depearted relatives.


What Irene will not reveal:

Irene has a very strong moral code of ethics.  Irene will not reveal infidelity nor will she reveal death.   If there is a family member that has had a very long terminal disease and the family is worn out, Irene may give insight to that situation.  Just don't ask her when you are going to pass on.


How often should I get a reading?

General Readings - Life readings should be every 60 - 90 days.  Give Spirit a chance to work with you on the things that we discussed during your reading.

Mediumship/Channeling the Departed Readings I would say you could get at least once a month.  We don't want to wear out our welcome with your friends and family.

Healings can be done once a week or when you feel the need.