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This was my mother.  She was the youngest of five children in her family.  She also happened to be the only girl in her family.  Her parents were Annie & Alexander Richardson.  She was born in Edinburgh Scotland and had four older brothers.  Alexander, James, Norrie & Tommy.  

I am her oldest daughter and I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 26,1965.  She came to the United States with me in her arms and then she married Richard Briggs on 1/16/66 in Brooklyn, NY together they have four children.  The children are Vicky, Richard, Debra & Michael. They ended up moving us all to San Diego, CA and that is where most of them are today.  Except for Vicky who lives in Charlestown, WV.

Today she has 8 grandchildren.  It's a shame she never lived long enough to truly get to know them all.  However I know she sees everything that is going on.  

She was a woman that was courageous, funny, smart and incredibly resourceful.  I admired all of those qualities in her.  We didn't always see eye to eye, but one thing for sure there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her.